While on-page search optimization is basic to anyone putting a webpage online, they won’t necessarily bring your site the much sough after page rank that will make it display in the first pages of a Google search result. It’s the page links that do the work. While on-page tweaking to get the right keywords and Meta Tags are well within your power to do, backlinks require other people to complete your search optimization for you.

The Links Determine you Site’s Importance

The concept of page links rests on the philosophy that if your website is that good, other website will link to it. Whether for information purposes or for promotions, backlinks work to improve your website’s page rank in Google and other search engines. 구글광고대행

The more backlinks to your site, the higher you page rank is. Google interprets the number of links to your site as revealing how important your website is relative to others with the similar content.

But it’s not just about any link. It’s also about quality links. You will need to do some daily monitoring of the links to your site to make sure that the website linking to your page is not banned, inactive or a dead site. Bear in mind that as far as the links go, you as a webmaster or your hosting bureau has no control over these links. You will need some sort of liaison with web administrators of the various websites that link to your site to make sure those links are not only there, but remain a quality link.

Getting the Links Coming

There’s often no guarantee that if your content is good, it will get the links from other sites. You will need to promote your site. And there are generally acceptable ways to get the quality links coming.

Getting your site listed in relevant online directories like Yahoo and DMOZ is a good start. Not only are they free, but they provide promotional juice for frequently visited sites.

There are software tools that can help your back linking efforts such as Backlinker Builder. Based on your site’s keyword, you can have a list of sites where you can post articles or join forums as well as relevant websites whom you can contact to get mutual links.

Submit related articles in online article database like Ezine with relevant keywords linked to your site.

Join forums, blogs and social networking sites to get your site promoted and linked. You can posts often so your URL can be seen in your avatar or signature field.

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